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After one call with us, we guarantee you will have many of the answers you need and a clear set of steps to help get you started.

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If you have arrived here, it’s likely that you need to help from a private town planner.

or you are considering developing your land,
or you are looking to buy a property.

Today, town planning and development is complex. To gain an approval or know what can be developed you will often need to understand multiple layers of information including zoning, overlays, neighbourhood plans, development codes and policies. 

We provide advice and solutions based on the project and your needs. Each project is different, and the same approach may not always work on all projects. We will listen and answer the questions you have. We will help you to understand what can be achieved, how long it will take, and provide a realistic estimate of the costs associated with your project.

Our process

In almost all cases we recommend starting with a phone consultation. This allows us to understand what your project involves and help with any questions you have. The more we understand what you hope to achieve, the better we can assist you. Generally, we allow 20 mins for the first call. This is at no charge to you.

By the end of the first call our aim is to have answered all your initial questions, explained what application you need, how the town planning process works, the cost, and how long it will take.

We provide tailored solutions that consider your goals and personal circumstances. Follow the links for more information.

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